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Updated: May 20, 2022

⚡ - HOLOGRAMS - ⚡ We've designed this POC hologram on the Holofil for Monster Energy. No additional hardware needed, like phones or tablets. Easy to set up on location. Mixing Digital with Physical to create a layer of Wonderment™ It's even possible to make this a fully interactive experience by adding the Mircosoft Kinect or Leap Motion so you are able to swipe or point towards the hologram to interact with it.

The Holofil is available in all different sizes


Our devs are working on some Virtual Reality hand tracking on the Oculus Quest glasses. A real intuitive way (gesture based) of exploring VR without the hassle of buttons and controllers. Ideal for fast onboarding the less tech savvy demographic. Also possible as a multiplayer experience. (Maintain a big garden with friends :)

We combined our Virtual Reality experience with an innovative technique called Sensory Reality (SR). We teamed up with the guys from Sensiks to make the ultimate, full sensoric, immersive experience. We synchronised our audio-visual VR experience with scent, temperature, air flow, tremble, taste and light frequencies.

By stimulating all senses simultaneously and connecting them to a harmonious integral experience your brain will be activated on multiple points. It makes you feel that you really are in the experience.

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