We teamed up as the animation partner of IN10's cultural label: DOOR for the Erasmus Experience for the Rotterdam Public Library.

The Erasmus Experience begins with putting on a (RFID) wristband, which records your choices. At the end of the exposition you'll save your ideas in a virtual book, which is included in the collection of the Rotterdam Public Library. Open the vault and you see how your ideas find their own place in the library’s stacks.

Feeling a bit Stressed out? Blow off some steam 😤 in our magical mixed reality Zen-garden. Just grab your phone or tablet and place the portal anywhere in your surrounding, walk right through the door and chill.

Ever wanted to be a Secret Agent?! With this Augmented Spy Watch kit we created, you'll be sent out on a secret mission to find the clues your opponent left behind. Only by solving puzzles and finding the right keys you'll be able to safe New-town!