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⚡️Thrilled ⚡️ to share the magic we've crafted in collaboration with the incredible Niantic Lightship team! Dive into wonder with Lightship Drive – this Crown Capture Mini Racer built on Lightship ARDK 3.1 takes shared Augmented Reality (AR) to a whole new level. Experience the seamless connection with others and be captivated by the magic blend of the digital and physical !

Location Based AR Experience - Operation Market Garden

In this location based AR experience you can revisit key moment of the biggest airborne operation the world has ever seen. Visit locations, read diary fragments, and see what the soldiers and civilians experienced in the biggest battle to liberate the Netherlands during the second world war.

An educational Location Based Augmented Reality Scavenger Hunt for the city of Amersfoort, Netherlands. Go out collect as many digital materials and rebuild the historic fortress around the city of Amersfoort in AR. Let your imagination run wild and dream up the most fantastical design. Save your best creations for others to enjoy.

Runs on Niantic's VPS Software.

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