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Teaching AR avatars how to survive in the real world .... What a daunting task .... It's like living with a six year old ! 🤦

#webAR, 8th Wall, Wonderment by Design™

What if you could see Monet paint in real life ? or experience where van Gogh painted his famous Sunflowers ? .... ✨ Wel you can ! ✨

Experience the artworks of Claude Monet on location in Augmented Reality. With location specific augmented reality it's possible to take a step back into history to actually see him paint the scenery of his well known paintings when he visited Zaandam, Netherlands in 1871.

By using persistent anchoring with Niantic, Inc.'s VPS (visual positioning system) art routes and hotspots like this, can be set out and seamlessly and accurately integrate AR into real life environments.

Welcome to the #RealLifeMetaverse

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

Experimenting with new ways of blending the real world with an interactive audiovisual Augmented Reality experience based on Niantic, Inc.'s Lightship. 🔊 Audio On 🔊 #getoutside and #havefun

Next step: VPS and create location-based jam sessions/remixes.

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