Updated: Oct 6, 2021

⚡ - HOLOGRAMS - ⚡ We've designed this POC hologram on the Holofil for Monster Energy. No additional hardware needed, like phones or tablets. Easy to set up on location. Mixing Digital with Physical to create a layer of Wonderment™ It's even possible to make this a fully interactive experience by adding the Mircosoft Kinect or Leap Motion so you are able to swipe or point towards the hologram to interact with it.

The Holofil is available in all different sizes


The Augmented Reality Wayfinding concept app we made for Legoland Denmark. The perfect solution to prevent long waiting lines. The user can follow a Lego Avatar, preview rides & attractions and check real-time information on waiting-lines.

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

To thank everyone for the awesome year we’ve had, we created the ultimate ugly Christmas sweater, an augmented piece of smart clothing guaranteed to make you the star of every Christmas party.