Our devs are working on an Augmented Reality Rollercoaster Track. Where you can draw your own track, Augment it, and adjust the height of the track. Can be combined with physical toys like Lego or Playmobil. It's possible to add loops, warpzones, tunnels, boosters, music elements and other cool features. Or even load in a track from a friend, ride it and play together. ----> BUILD! CREATE! PLAY!

As recent research showed, projecting images during medical examinations soothes patients and takes away fear. That's why we were excited to work on this project, where we could transform the experience of the patients at the Wilhelmina children's hospital that have to take a CT-scan from fear into wonder.

Size does matter!! Check out the huge interactive Kinect experience we made for our friends of The VR Room. Interact with the simulation by body movement. Now working on adding reactive audio. Also a perfect installation for expo's, festivals, retail, science centres or museums.