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Studio 05


Immersive concepts


The wonderment lab is studio05's in house workshop where a combined team of creatives, strategists and developers work on concepts & prototypes for immersive content.


Hardware agnostic and with an keen eye for the latest technology we help agencies and brands with creative concepts that work in real life. Story driven and full of wonderment. From vr experience to museum storyline


The process


Because of our broad background in concept and strategy, we can help you, through a series of workshops and brainstorms, find the best possible immersive solution for your company. After this its best to start rapid prototyping where we test and retest the assumptions made in the brainstorms. And when we are all happy we turn the prototype into a production-ready release.

Some of our clients


Monster energy, Niantic, KFUMPG, Coca cola

Interested in brainstorming about the possibilities for your experience?


Send an email to Jachim van Huut at, or call 020-6718020 and let's meet for a cup of coffee!

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