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Transformative Experiences

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Is it Memorable?

How do you engage with an audience that’s grown up in the digital world? How do you give them a transformative experience, that changes their perspective?


We believe that mixing the physical and digital world creates experiences that are more than just the sum of its parts

Is it Memorable?

The Process

From creating complete and fully immersive visitor journeys to prototyping new storytelling methods using the latest technology.

Designing exhibitions is a group proces mixing a lot of disciplines.  And in this process we can take up a lot of different roles, from concept to production and all steps in between. Keeping in close contact with our partners and clients, from design to prototype to production ready release.

The Process

"As a creative studio, we have always been most passionate about creating and telling meaningful stories."


Content is King

Content is King

Working with our flexible creative team gives you the opportunity to generate a wide variety of content, from 2d animation to Augmented reality applications and next-generation web environments.




Re-Use of Assets

We always make sure that the digital assets we create are multipurpose. So the 3d model used in animation can also be used as an illustration on the website or print campaign. And the assets in VR can be used for the animations. This to make sure you maximise content production.


Concept development & prototyping

Design, development,

animation & asset creation


Interested in brainstorming about the possibilities for

your Museum?


Send an email to Jachim van Huut at, or call 020-6718020 and let's meet.

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