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Virtual & Augmented Reality

The New Reality

Augmented reality and Virtual reality can be extremely effective tools that can not only increase education quality but also massively reduce training costs. A win-win. But VR and AR productions are also highly technical and require large specialised teams to create, so how can you take part in this next digital revolution?

That's where we can help, with our hardware-agnostic approach and extensive knowledge of VR and AR productions. From best UX practises to platform building, we have teamed up with Universities, brands and education companies from all over the world. 


The new reality
Prototype & production

Prototype & Production

When exploring new use-cases and learning methods you need to be flexible on one hand, but you also want to make sure that you end up with a working product on the other.

To make sure that this always is the case, we have developed a process that combines rapid prototyping with design sprints. The first step in this process is defining the minimal version of your product through rapid prototyping, and from there in an open and transparent process, we decide together where and how we can get the best and biggest gains in terms of goals and budget.

"The ability to learn with your whole body, instead of just your eyes, completely transforms the way we think about training "


Partner up

Partner Up

To create effective and efficient training methods, technique and content need to be ​perfectly aligned. And, while we are experts in Augmented and Virtual reality development, designing full education courses, is something else entirely. That is why we believe in partnering up, whether it is with your education team or with one of our education partners.



Design, Development &

asset creation


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