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XR for Onboarding and recruitment



Preboarding - the moment between signing your contract and waiting to start is always a bit of a letdown.

And with hybrid working, it gets even harder to fully embrace the corporate culture.

Mini Metaverse

That's why we teamed up with Deloitte digital team to create an immersive AR onboarding app that combines unique 360 videos with fun 3d animations that help new employees explore what Deloitte culture is all about.

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Designing and producing multiple XR hotspots containing 360 videos and audio. All blended into AR for the user to explore in a non-linear fashion.


This created an app that invites user to play around an explore Deloitte corporate culture in a fun and playful way.


Pre Production wireframe of user interaction / UI Mockup

Pre Production wireframe of user interaction / UI Mockup

Using agile sprints our team was able to work closely together with the Deloitte digital innovation team. Creating a flexible and feedback based design process. 

Office_03 2.png

Using Unity Analytics, Deloitte has a real-time overview of which content has the most engagement and which content can be improved.



Android & Apple IOS app

Design & Development
Wonderment by Design

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