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Unity 3D XR Developer Wanted!

Are you artistically inclined with a background in 3D art and modeling? Then we are looking for you! We at Wonderment by Design seek a creative, curious, and innovative 3D Artist/Modeler to join our team, bringing a unique blend of artistic vision and technical skill to our XR and art projects.


Key Qualifications:

  • A B.A. in Fine Art or equivalent.

  • Strong skills in drawing and concept sketching to bring your ideas to life.

  • Proficiency in composition design, capable of creating visually appealing and balanced work.

  • Expertise in 3D style concept design, transforming mood boards into sketches and ideas into 3D formats.

  • A portfolio showcasing a range of different styles

  • Skilled in texture painting, adding realistic or stylized textures to 3D models.

  • Proficient in 3D modeling, capable of creating detailed and accurate models.

  • Experience in art directing, with a keen eye for aesthetics and design.


Soft Skills:

  • A naturally curious individual who is always looking to learn and grow their toolset

  • Ability to work well independently and as part of a team.

  • Ability to give and receive feedback in a constructive way

  • Strong communication skills, able to convey artistic concepts and collaborate effectively.

  • A good understanding of the latest trends and techniques in 3D art and modeling.

  • Ability to plan and create task breakdowns

  • Experience with animation is a plus



  • Collaborate with the team to conceptualize and create high-quality 3D models and artwork.

  • Translate briefings into 2D concepts and sketches and eventually in 3D models and designs. Ranging from full 3d immersive environments to a 2d Keyvisual

  • Apply textures and paints to 3D models, enhancing their appearance and realism.

  • Participate in art directing, contributing to the overall visual style of projects.

  • Stay updated with the latest trends in 3D art and modeling techniques.


We offer:

  • Opportunities to work on diverse international projects.

  • A dynamic role in a fast-paced and creative environment.

  • To work and explore the fast-moving world of XR, and spatial computing

  • A chance to grow and learn in a supportive and ambitious team.

  • Competitive salary and benefits, including a pension plan.

  • A hybrid working model with flexibility combining in-office and remote work.

  • A full-time position for 40 hours per week.


If you are passionate about 3D art & modeling and meet the qualifications and skills outlined above, we would love to hear from you! Please send your portfolio showcasing your best 3D work to Selma Biemans at, along with a brief description of your experience in art directing and any animation skills you may have!


Wonderment by Design is an award-winning Xr design agency with over ten years of experience working for various international agencies, museums, and brands. Our dedicated team of Storytellers, Designers, Digital Artists, and Developers is committed to bringing digital assets and stories to life. We merge our love for digital IP with tangible reality to create enchanting escapes from the ordinary. Designing experiences that touch people's hearts, creating Wonderment by Design.


Join us and bring your unique artistic vision to our team!



Full time - Amsterdam
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