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When the lucky winners of "the kitchen that fits you" campaign were announced, there still was one challenge that needed to be resolved. How do you show the winners standing in their new kitchen while they weren’t even built yet? That is where we came in. We rebuild the old kitchens by using projection mapping techniques


And for the integration the new we made use of the on-site captured light data. So that the light intensity and shadows of the 3d models matched the real life situation. Using a transformer style animation as a transition, we could seamlessly blend the old kitchens with the new.

Creating the 3d models was just the first step in this project, the next was integrating the owners. The families were filmed in a green screen studio, we were there to give technical advice and assistance and for keying the footage on set.


This was necessary to make sure there were no surprises later on in the post-production process. Eventually, we selected the shots, keyed the final footage, integrated the 3d animation and handed the final product over to the colouring studio.

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