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Next Level Engagement

VR, AR, and interactive installations

Effective tools that create experiences focussed on maximising wonderment and shareability. Creating unique customer journeys that your audience will remember.

Using our background in design, storytelling and technology we will translate your goals into a cutting edge immersive story, whether it is an Augmented reality app, Virtual reality game, social filter, immersive web experience or a digital O.O.H. installation


VR, AR, and interactive installations
Workin as a team

Working as a team

Designing immersive content is teamwork. Requiring a wide variation of skills, from software development to concepts and character art, to physical builds or product designs


That's why we believe in partnerships. Whether it is with agencies or brands, we see ourselves as a pragmatic and hands-on partner. Helping creative teams and brands translate their strategy into feasible and scalable productions.

Looking for a low key way to reach a difficult target audience?

Check out the possibilities of social AR, like Instagram and Snapchat filters


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Pushing boundaries

Pushing boundaries

Immersive technology like Ar and VR are evolving at a rapid pace. Things that were impossible yesterday are possible tomorrow.


That is why the prototype work in our Wonderment Lab is so important. Combining new technologies with meaningful applications. Striving to create prototypes that not only amaze but that can change the way we engage with digital content. Opening up new paths for future projects.


Concept development & prototyping

Design, development, 

asset creation and animation


Interested in brainstorming about the possibilities for your Brand?
Send an email to Jachim van Huut at and let's meet.

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